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Different Types of Stocks

Different Types of Stocks

Investing in the stock market chas historically been one of the most important pathways to financial success. As you dive into researching stocks, you’ll often hear them discussed with reference to different categories of stocks and different classifications. Here are the major types of stocks you should know. Common stocks Common stocks are shares of ownership in a corporation […]

Massive Open Source Collection of Stock Market Tools & Resources

Collection of Stock Market Tools & Resources. c and the whole market data feed is already included in the price. This is one of the main differentiators to all other stock analysis software tools in this article. 1)A SCOOP Rating The rating merely reflects the opinion of the professionals at the time of publication and […]

What Are Stocks?

What Are Stocks? Stocks are equity investments that represent ownership in a company. Stocks can also go by the name of “shares” or “equities” which essentially mean you are a (part) business owner. Purchasing company stock comes with certain rights which may include receiving a dividend as well as voting rights at shareholder meetings. A portion of ownership in a corporation. […]